Lee Belardo for member-at-large of the Avon City Council.

October 15, 2015

In June 2013, petitions were filed the Lorain County Board of Elections nominating Lee Belardo as a candidate for the office of member-at-large of the Avon City Council.
The Avon City Council is comprised of 7 members; one representative from each of the 4 city Wards and 3 members elected by the voters of the entire city. With at least three current council members announcing their intentions to run for Mayor of Avon, Lee Belardo desires to fill the vacancies created by their departure from City Council.
Lee believes, “Listening to developers, businesses, and the citizens of Avon whether just moved into town or here for generations is the best way to find consensus for the good of Avon. The next 30 years can be just as bright as the last. Together, we can move our city forward.”

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