Question 1: What makes you the best candidate for the position?
The reasons voters believe I am one of the best candidates for city council are: citizens have seen me involved with Avon in the past as vice-chairman of the City Charter Review committee; they trust me to keep the best interest Avon in mind when I decide matters; and regardless of who is Avon’s next Mayor, I will be able to work with him and his administration. A vote for Lee Belardo as a member of city council will ensure a voice of independence regardless of who becomes our next Mayor. Thanks for your support.

Question 2: What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how would you address it?
The next Mayor and his administration itself may be the biggest challenge facing Avon. He may have to understand that although he won the election, he may lack a mandate as the electorate collectively may have voted for “someone else”. This might affect his administration’s ability to proceed with popular or needed projects within the city. Electing Lee Belardo to city council will provide the city with a councilman skilled in negotiating compromises so that together businesses & industries, the residents and the next administration can keep moving Avon forward. On November 5th, remember to Vote for Lee Belardo.